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360cub is at work all ruttin day so need thing to do :) ask away :)

Almost literally. 10 - 9! The whole opening time of the restaurant. Some bullshit.

And keep it nice, people.

Sisko judges your tumblr

Sisko judges your tumblr


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In other news Bryan Singer never watched Jeeves and Wooster

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Me, when I miss TMI Tuesday

Me, when I miss TMI Tuesday


That’s not an exit, team



It kind of looks like my belly has a face and it’s slightly creeping me out

Asker hitmonliam Asks:
All of the video game questions.
360cub 360cub Said:

Okay here we go

A) Favourite Game - bit of a cliche but Final Fantasy VII. Love that game so much.

B) Favourite game series - again cliche - the Final Fantasy series. VII and X are my 1 number and number 3 favourite games. IX was fantastic III on the DS was so fun, VI - wow the story. (Shame about all the XIIIs and not a big fan of VIII

C) Least Favourite - Currently the ‘Game’ Proteus, Is it art, is it a game? No it’s dull self indulgant wankery. Its so shit it makes me worry about the game No Man’s Sky which shares its procedurally generated landscape bit… There had better be a game attached.

D) Favourite Soundtrack - Final Fantasy VII (sigh) buy for licensed soundtrack no game has ever beaten Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Awesome songs, every channel. Unlike the current games which seems to be 8 channels of rap and hip hop.

E) Favourite Sequel - I’m going to stop mentioning Final Fantasy and I’m going to say Burnout Revenge. (Though Burnout 3 was close)

F) Biggest let down - Batman: Arkham Origins - after 2 near perfect games the dull, recycled, cash in, buggy mess that was Origins was such a let down. Only bought it recently (cheaply) knowing it wasn’t great… STILL managed to disappoint me. How could you break it, Warner, how?

G) Currently playing - Virtue’s Last Reward and Lego Harry Potter 2 on the Vita. Just Cause 2 on the PS3 (and hating it) on a hiatus from WoW at the moment. and various things on my phone.

H) Favourite local multiplayer - Has to go to Goldeneye on the N64. Whether it still holds up I don’t know but ah the memories of university. 

I) Favourite Online Multiplayer - Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - wow what an experience. Even DICE don’t know why it was so good (as evidenced by Battlefield 3 and 4) It’s balanced, hectic, enjoyable. It was just good fun.

J) Favourite System - Battle system? the CTB of Fin… oh SYSTEM. Until about 5 years ago I would have said the XBOX 360 was the greatest console I ever owned but Microsoft somehow managed to slowly destroy it so I’m going to have to say the Playstation 2.

K) - Most looked forward to - Currently No Man’s Sky on the PS4 (a console I don’t even own) if the game is done right it could be this generation’s Elite. A massive open ended interstellar economy and battleground, to explore and defend…. or if done badly you’ll be flying around endless copies of the same map, pressing x a few times and leaving.

L) - Favourite licensed game - probably Goldeneye on the N64 but Ocean had some amazing games back in the day especially Batman: The Movie

M) Game of last year - Far Cry 3 (see previous post)

N) Favourite Protagonist - Ezio Auditore da Firenze - for one simple reason… He was motherfucking cool.

O) Favourite Antagonist - Definitely Vaas from Far Cry 3, the guy was insane in the best possible way. Like the Joker from Batman. There’s a crazy fan theory flying around that he is a figment of the hero Jason’s imagination after he goes slightly mad after the death of his brother. Doesn’t hold up but damn that could have been a great plot twist. 

P) Favourite Genre - Role Playing games x1000!!!

Q) Guilty Pleasures - I’m a sucker for pinball games, Pinball FX on the Xbox 360, Zen Pinball 2 on the PS3/ Vita (and Marvel and Star Wars Pinball) Pinball Arcade, Pinballistic - if you play these add me!!

R) Most Underrated games - The Legaia games (see previous post)

S) Overrated Game - Any of the Modern Warfare games - the single player is okay but I don’t get the appeal of the multiplayer when BF:BC2 was so much better and not full of 12 year olds screaming homophobic abuse

T) Best Game Memory - I think this is one panok and I share. The first time he logged on to City of Heroes our first MMO. The Atlas square fanfare played and there before us was the game world. Other characters running and flying by and realising that these were all other actual PEOPLE playing online with us. It was immense.

U) Favourite Handheld title - Animal Crossing or Tetris (see previous post)

V) First  game you remember playing - Aged about 6 or so my Dad bought some kind of Atari-esque video console… Not sure what it was but I remember playing Space Invaders on it… however even before that I remember the old Star Wars arcade cabinet they had at Corrigan’s Arcade in Filey. I must have been about 5… Still love the smell of seafront arcades

W) Any Games I regret Getting Rid of - Nope. I keep the ones I like.

X) What would I change about my favourite franchise - Squeenix need to go back to a proper RPG battle system and knock all this action RPG shite on the head. I want to choose what I do and to who at my own pace.

Y) What would I want my child’s first game to be - …child?? Something good. Something not on an iPhone. Maybe the Star Wars arcade game

Z) Game Character I associate with - I don’t think I have much in common with many game characters… except the ones so bland you can project yourself onto them.

Phew thanks hitmonliam