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Just saw this on Facebook. Made me laugh.

A bird from a Lancastrian village performs the hits of Travis as an act in a social club, does so brilliantly.

Turn tern turn, turn Turn turnt.

Ken Leung’s character from Saw teams up with a Sikh to perform the greatest hits of Travis at a notorious American prison.

Sing and Singh sing Sing at Sing Sing

It’s Tuesday!!

Rich face.

The worst words to any soda drinker…

….she was dating Simon Cowell at the time….

"He’s got to be Big and Strong, enough to turn me on"






I can’t fucking breathe. 

I hate y’all so much 😂


It’s like being back at Bill and Ted’s Halloween adventure.

(via zombocalypse3d)

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Peter Cetera,
Cool Rock [Disc 2]


I love this fucking song. 

I was expecting to find this cheesey and Karate Kid 2-y but shit it’s a good song. Well played Peter Cetera.

Now to find that song from the montage at the back end of Karate Kid one.