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Battle Beyond the Stats - 1980

Jimmy Murakami

Awesome film

Asker majikthise Asks:
Top 5 websites that aren't search engines, mail, or tumblr
360cub 360cub Said:

BBC iPlayer

Top 5 British Cities (and why)
360cub 360cub Said:

Leeds - because home town and fun

London - all those museums, the tube, the sights

Manchester - Leeds done on a bigger budget

Birmingham - just shopping centre after shopping centre. Also adorably dumb accents

York - pretty, lots of places to eat and drink. Nearby.

While I wait on Destiny Beta.

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Overly filtered face

God, I had such a crush on Milo from Galaxy High School.

This is the face of someone who needs more sleep.

Also happy birthday Nana Visitor