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Saw this in the American pavilion at Epcot.

Didn’t realise everyone was as big a fan of the Oddworld games as I was.

Look. They gained their independence.

Naked mirror selfies are still a thing, right?

De plane boss. De plane.

Asker masiffect Asks:
Happy Birthday, I think I'm late, but.. Yeah.
360cub 360cub Said:

Better late than never. Thank you anyways :)

Asker raddier Asks:
I CANNOT BELIEVE I DIDNT KNOW IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY! I feel so bad lol, happy 2 day late birthday rich ❤️
360cub 360cub Said:

Ha ha. It’s fine. And thank you :)

Happy belated birthday! :X Hope you're enjoying yourself! :D
360cub 360cub Said:

I will be by Wednesday night! :) Cheers x

Asker x-statix Asks:
Happy birthday Rich! So sad we're not gonna make it down to Florida this year but there have been serious talks of it happening next year!
360cub 360cub Said:

Thanks :)

Well, we’re heading back next year for the launch of Halloween Horror Nights 25! It would be awesome to see you guys again.

We’ve a spare bed if you need one….

*Starts saving now*

Asker happyplaid Asks:
Happy happy birthday. Enjoy your day handsome.
360cub 360cub Said:

Thank you very much :-)

My Birthday Cake.

For those of you who wanted to see it.

Also check out our youtube channel… we’re trying new things :)