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33 Year Old British Chubby Bear.
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Note: this blog is really NSFW.

Also I usually post my own things unless I see something (or someone) that tickles my fancy, if I post anything of yours that needs removing let me know

WARNING - GPOY MANIA AHEAD - and I'm so so sorry
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Some post-work FFX HD with my new lit controller. Not going to lose that fucker in a hurry.

Also couldn’t decide which pic I preferred so here’s both


Ill just… Errrm… Yeh…. Right?

D’aww look at the fluffy head xxx.

I’m comfortable enough in my sexuality to wear pink. Of course, I do happen to be a notorious homosexual.

Today’s cocktail is a Long Beach Iced Tea.


It’s Tummy Tuesday!

Shameless reblog

I think it’s safe to say I may have ripped my work trousers


Okay I get this meme now

I miss having hair

Pre Captain America cocktails at TGI Fridays. The Grateful Dead.