Me and the things I stare at.36 Year Old British Chubby Bear. Game Geek, Sci-fi Nerd. Happily Partnered.Note: this blog is really NSFW. Also I usually post my own things unless I see something (or someone) that tickles my fancy, if I post anything of yours that needs removing let me knowWARNING - GPOY MANIA AHEAD - and I'm so so sorry

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We need a best of Snatch Game game.

All stars 2?

Ey up, fellas. Bit parky today.
Off t’work.
Need t’brass for’t coal.




Pizza boy working for his tip

Id love to do this as a tip for the pizza boy (alas 9 out of 10 pizza boys are not worth it)

I know someone that works at Pizza Hut, now I know why!

I can wear my uniform next time if you like, C.

I keep getting told by customers I look like Al from Toy Story 2.

It’s probably the chicken costume.

1) I don’t have any phobias but I do worry occasionally about dying alone and I fucking HATE slugs but I’m not slug phobic, they’re just gross.

2) I studied for a year to become a teacher before dropping out.

3) I’ve always thought I was fatter than I was. Even as a teen, when I wasn’t fat.

4) If I see Star Trek: Voyager on my dashboard I always reblog some Deep Space Nine. That show needs more love.

5) I have a thing for guys with ‘sad eyes’ (though most of the time I actually think it’s down to their eyebrows)

Now to tag people. panok juneau82 lord-of-goathorn isitjuicy commonorgarden

Apologies if you’ve been got already.

Shameless wet Wednesday reblog

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Oh my god

Pick ME Choose ME Love ME.But seriously well im not following you for a long time :P So I want everything. Write me a long long looong message saying how you feel what you do, whatever you want, If your dog died tell me bout it if you are a pokemon nerd tell me about it too :P Oh and add a selfie.
360cub 360cub Said:

Wow you asked a lot.

Where to begin?

I’m Richard, I’m 35.

I play pokemon but I always get so obsessed with not missing pokemon that i never proceed very far. Need to learn to ignore stuff and just go for the story.

I haven’t owned a dog in years. Both me and my partner (panok) would love to get one but sadly we both work erratic hours and it wouldn’t be fair on the poor thing. which sucks…

I don’t have a favourite movie but usually answer with The Shawshank Redemption for ease of answer.

My eyes are grey

My favourite colour is blue

My credit card expiration date is 04/17

I’m kind of short. I tell people in advance and they always say I’m shorter than they expected when we meet.

I have trouble throwing things away.

I’m sort of messy and scruffy

I love theme parks and Disney especially. Epcot is my favourite park.

I’m slightly scared of drop tower rides but still go on them….

Chewitel Ejiofor would have been an amazing Doctor Who in my opinion.

Nick Frost is gorgeous.

That is my face.