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Trying on old holiday clothes.

Asker corzaeve Asks:
Hello! *HUGS*. Tell us about your best come back, win or revenge story.
360cub 360cub Said:

Annoyingly I remember my comeback and the huge ooooooh it’s audience gave it but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was a comeback to. It was about 10 years ago to one of my parent’s douchey customers at the pub. I just remember giving him a look saying ‘really?’ And walking away to people laughing and going “oooooh”

Not the best story. I’ll think of a better one at some point.

It’s Tuesday. Ask me stuff. You know, if you want to.

Or tell me stuff.

Interaction would be nice.

Giving good beard at the moment.

Might not trim it for the holiday

musingmatt here’s your gen-xers now.

(via myfarewelltoarms)


This is Terry.

I found him in a bag of Randoms which 360cub was making his way through.

I gave him a name, a back story and a personality…

360cub cant eat him now even though he really wanted to…

Terry feels part of our family.

I love Terry.

He protects us from evil as we sleep.

Terry looks delicious.

And I’m on a fucking diet.


This is the only count down in the world that makes sense to me right now!

Bring on the Denny’s!


My big hard cock












Cici’s Pizza.


Pot Stickers

Refillable Dr Pepper

Ponderosa all you can eat breakfasts.

Asking for chips and getting chips.

Hot American guys

American KFC

Philly Cheese Steak!!

Getting called ‘Boy’ by some hot redneck daddy